Each research article you read contains key takeaways or main points that speak to the study’s findings or conclusions. Paraphrasing is a means to effectively use that research-based evidence without directly quoting. Because it is in your own words, the evidence can be more seamlessly integrated with the surrounding material, such as your own ideas and analysis.

This Assignment isolates the skill of paraphrasing so that you may give it significant attention. First, you select two main points from the same article you read last week. Then you paraphrase those main points using your own words and sentence structure. Plagiarism can be a concern if the paraphrase is too similar to the original, so be sure to compare your version to the original text as part of your process.  

To Prepare

Locate two paragraphs of the article that contain main points or key findings that you consider important. These are the areas that you will paraphrase  for your Assignment. 

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Using the template, paste into your paper two paragraphs from the article that represent the main points. Beneath each paragraph, write your original paraphrase of the content. Include appropriate APA citations for each paraphrase, and add a full reference entry for the article.

Then explain why you selected these as main points. How do these paragraphs represent important information from the article? Also describe your process of paraphrasing. How did you avoid accidental plagiarism? 

Below are the Template and References for the article.