Rubric for Individual Projects/papers for ECO 102

Include the following:

  1. Topics:
  • The topic of your research paper must be an innovation (process, technique, production method) for a specific outcome, product or industry/industrial-commercial output


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  • An invention or a discovery that leads to a change in production, output, accessibility, or other improvement IN THAT OR IN ANY other INDUSTRY (Example: ‘Tang’— a food product developed out of research in another industry entirely. You should pick another item, not Tang, for your research).


  • Driver of discovery or invention:
  • Ask and answer the question of whether the invention, discovery or change was:
    • Motivated by a perceived need (someone was seeking the solution to a problem or condition that required an new approach, or
    • Accidentally discovered or invented, either in the process of seeking something else or just entirely unexpected in its discovery
    • Some other method of development/discovery or implementation
  • Who or what entity was primarily responsible for this innovation, change, invention or discovery?
  • How did that happen (physically?
  • How long did it take to implement?
  • How was it funded, financed or supported in its infancy?
  • Is it still in use, or has it been abandoned and become outmoded, or has it morphed into something more contemporary and different in more recent times?
  • Who was immediately affected by this change, invention or innovation?
  • If this invention, change or innovation had not occurred, how might your or yur family/friends/neighbors’ lives be different, if at all?

Paper Specifics and requirements

  • Install Grammarly (free) on your computer and run it while writing or at very least editing your paper.
  • Marks will be reduced for not using Grammarly (I can tell), meaning there are misspellings, grammatical errors, bad sentence structure or punctuation, etc. that are contained in your paper and have not been corrected.
  • There is still a writing center on Campus that may be able to help you with your paper, but you alone are responsible for the final product.
  • Include all of the APA format pieces: Cover page, Abstract, and appropriate running head and page numbers, correct references. It’s a bit of a tedious formatting issue, but you must do it.
  • 10 pages of your written text; do not count Cover, Abstract or Reference pages as part of the total. Paper may be somewhat longer (a few pages if needed) if you desire.
  • All must be in APA format (see Purdue OWL website for margins, type font, spacing and most of all for citations
  • You must use at least 4 sources (not including a textbook).
  • Submit in Canvas by Week 12; Print a copy to hand in as well. Always make sure that you retain a digital copy for yourself and for assurance that you have the copy in case it is needed.
  • Make sure that you read the warnings about plagiarism: this apples to direct quotes and to paraphrases.
  • No more than 10% of the paper (1 page in total) may derive from quotations, paraphrases, tables or other stuff that is not your original written (thoughts, analysis) material.