The key to learning and achievement regarding each of the writing assignments is the analysis, thought, and logical sequencing of responses, and your effort invested in application of course material. This was carefully selected to ensure you apply the learning obtained in an academic environment to real world management situations to help strengthen your management knowledge, skills, and abilities especially related to the five management principles and effective communications.  All work from other sources must be properly in-text cited and referenced in a Reference List in APA Style Sixth Edition.

Written essays must be 4 pages, double-spaced, and typed in Times New Roman, 12 point-font with one-inch margins. Key to success in grading is based on quality of written work (structure, grammar, and content) and grasping of concepts versus length of paper. See writing rubric at the end of the syllabus.

Essay #5

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A “STRATEGIC HUNT“: This essay will build on what you did for CD1: Values, Vision, and Mission of yourself and see if there is alignment for your current organization if employed or one you wish to work for:

1) Values (value statement)  
2) Vision Statement – future direction
3) Mission Statement – purpose


Transparency: I’m a very, what you see is what you get, there are no “hidden fees”, whats presented is who I am.

Involvement: I love being involved in situations that require problem solving, I enjoy working in a group but I typically follow my own lead with the advice of others.

Strong willed: I make my decisions based on what I believe to be right, my gut has served me well and it is difficult to go against it, thats not to say I don’t like others input, I do, I find it helpful.

Self Improvement: This is something I work on constantly, I always strive to be better in every way. I’ve been blessed with a great group of people around me and I feel the need to be better, not only for them, but myself as well.

Open Minded: I believe the upmost important trait that we should all have is open mindedness, I think the world we live in is harsh and often unforgiving; with that being said we should be open to other peoples ideas and their struggles. Be attentive when listening, and kind with your response.

Vision: My vision is to make the people around me around and make myself proud, I believe this is possible.

Mission Statement: I am working towards getting my degree in construction management and then easing myself into work and adulthood.

For yourself – please build upon what you did for CD1 – what are your values, vision, and mission?

Before starting Essay #5, revisit your CD1 and then go find the values, vision, and mission of an organization you either work for, used to work for, or wish to work for.  If you cannot find precisely – the organization’s values, vision, and mission, what might you infer it is? 

Then, for your organization you work (or worked) for or wish to work for, please state how and where you found these statements for the organization (that is values, vision, and mission). Was it easy or not?  If currently working, and you cannot find these statements (values, vision, and mission), explain what you did to find “nothing” and then reflect on your company and write what you think is the organization’s core value, its mission, and what should be its vision.  How did you come to infer these summaries of values, vision, and mission?  ((please cite the source where you obtain your information both in-text and add to our reference list)

(it’s a strategic hunt – you will have to hunt around for it — it may be in a website, a public annual report, you may have to ask for it).

Once you have the information above, you can begin to write Essay 5:

Write an Introduction to set the scene of what this paper is about. This week’s topic is Chapter 10: Empowerment for success.  Why is knowing your values, vision, and mission (VVM) and an organization’s VVM that you wish to work for empowering.  In your Introduction, remember to state what is the essence of Essay 5 and what does you essay cover.

In this essay, first address what are your values (note – you don’t need to include the evidence of each value: just list your five core values) with your vision and mission statements. Then, present the organization you work for or wish to work for values, vision, and mission (state how you found this information on the organization) and answer the following questions:

Q. Does your core values, vision, and mission statement align with the organization’s values, vision, and mission (VVM) statement?  Will your values, vision, and mission help you to fit into the organization’s culture based on what you have learned about the organization? Why or why not?

Q.  How effective are the organization’s values, vision, and mission statement to you?  How does it inspire you (or not) to both work for the organization and be an effective supervisor and plan for the future?  Why would you want to work for this organization?

Q. How does knowing one’s values, vision, and mission, and that of the organization help to be a better supervisor?

Summary: At the end of this essay, what can you learn from this essay that empowers you and employees for success?  How does knowing this information prepare you for a job interview or a promotion? 

Each essay will be different depending on what you find and what you think? 


Paper length 5 pages double-spaced.

(Note: Refer to page 9 on syllabus for Essay Criteria, APA Style Sixth Edition (required for style, citing, and referencing), and Rubrics at the end of your syllabus for grading criteria