This assignment requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of generalist social work practice, the Nine Competencies andcorresponding behaviors.  In order to answer the following questions, you are to draw upon your experiences in working with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities in your agency.  You should stick with a single situation and use illustrations from the situation to answer the questions.  Typically, the case or situation will be one which you have had a great deal of involvement.  Please do not give information that would allow others to identify involved persons.

Instructions:  Prepare a typed response to the questions.  Refer to information from your social work practice courses.  Information from any text may also be helpful.  Answer all questions completely and in a professional manner.  This assignment is worth 150 points and is due the at the assigned date.  Each student is to do his/her own work in a manner consistent with the university policy on plagiarism.

1.         Problem Identification/Engagement

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            A.        Define a problem situation within your field setting.  Explain why the

                        situation is problematic.  What theory or theories can you identify

                        that attribute to your understanding and perception of the problem?

                        Explain the practice skills used to identify the problem situation

                        (questioning, listening, observing, relationship building, responding and


            B.         In your description and explanation of the problem, identify all systems,

                        i.e., individuals, groups, family, organizations and communities, that

                        affect the problem situation and discuss what part each system played

                        in your identification of the problem

2.         Data Collection

            A.        How did you collect the data used in your identification of the problem?

                        Explain the primary and secondary sources of data collection and identify

                        all systems, i.e., individuals, groups, families, organizations and

                        communities, involved in your collection of data.

            B.         Explain how the information gathered supported your perception of the


3.         Assessment

            A.        Formulate an assessment statement for the problem which you identified.

                        Analyze the client system in terms of the capacity to cope with the

                        presenting problem and your ability to engage diversity and difference in                                                 assessment process. Identify strengths and weaknesses and barriers.

                        Identify the potential targets for change and changes that may need to

                        be made in the various systems that impact the problem situation.

            B.         Identify the appropriate resources available for addressing the targets

                        of change and method for developing unavailable resources.  Develop

                        a statement or list of problems by priority.  Discuss to what extent

                        change is likely to occur in this situation given the capacity of the client

                        system and information you have collected thus far.  Develop a

                        contracted plan for problem resolution for this client system inclusive

                        of dates problems were identified, problems/needs identified, goals,

                        tasks, contract terms and anticipated dates of accomplishment.

C.        Identify any policy or policies that may need to be addressed to ensure the social

and economic well-being of your client system.

4.         Intervention

            A.        Identify the intervention methods used in this problem situation, and

                        what systems were involved in the process.  Explain how these

                        interventions are consistent with the problem assessment. Explain how you                                 utilized research to select the appropriate intervention for your client system.                             

Identify what social work functions you used in this situation (i.e., advocate,

                        broker, educator, mediator, etc.)

            B.         What was the outcome of your intervention?  Was this outcome

                        different than you expected?  Why or why not?

5.         Evaluation

            A.        Explain methods used to evaluate the success of the intervention.  To    

                        What extent were the goals accomplished?  Are changes clearly

                        attributable to the intervention methods used?  Explain.

            B.         What does the system need to sustain these gains; or what does the

                        system need that is still lacking?  Was the system fully involved in the

                        evaluation process?  How can the system promote sustainable changes in service                                   delivery and practice to improve the quality of services provided?  Explain.

6.         Termination

            A.        Explain how you arrived at the decision to terminate your involvement

                        in this problem situation?  Identify the type of termination.  Explain the

                        type of termination that was followed.

            B.         Identify the efforts that were made to ensure that the changes affected

                        were stabilized.  Was the outcome different than was expected and why?

7.         Social Work Values Diversity, Population at risk, Social and Economic   Justice.

            A.        From this problem situation you are to identify two social work values

                        and ethical principles that are relevant to generalist social work practice

                        within your agency.  Illustrate how you acted upon these values and

                        conducted yourself in an ethical manner as it related to the situation


            B.         Identify any ethical dilemmas that arose in your work within your agency,

                        and explain how you resolved them.  Identify and address any issues or

                        needs for at-risk populations, related to social and economic justice.                                          Explain how this information relates to distributive justice and the global                                     interconnections of oppression.  At-risk populations may be distinguished

                        on issues related to age, religion, ethnicity, class and social and cultural


8.         Identification with the Profession

  1.       Discuss you opportunities to identify with the profession of social work

                        and utilization of supervision and consultation in your agency.