African Culture Essay

Essays are to be three to five pages, double spaced, standard font, MLA format, and include a works cited page and use at least three to five academic sources with in-text citations to support views. Students can use sources provided in class, but the majority of sources must be found through independent research.

Analytical essay about a novel or film: Read a novel or watch a film set in Africa in the modern era (1500 AD-present). Do you agree or disagree with how the story portrays African culture? Which specific aspects of African culture are you focusing on?

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Suggested novel titles: Things Fall Apart, Arrow of God, No Longer at Ease, The Wizard and the Crow, Kaffir Boy, Cry the Beloved Country.

Suggested film titles: Sankofa, Mandela, Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda, Mandabi, Jerusalema, Tsotsi, Timbuktu, Lumumba, Mandabi.

Research paper: Research a specific topic related to a specific African country or ethnic group in the modern era (1500 AD-present). Use a variety of academic sources to research the topic and report the findings back in a research paper. Examples: “Conflict Diamonds and Modern Sierra Leone, “Nigeria’s Modern Oil Industry”, “Recent Economic Development in Equatorial Guinea”, etc.