1. Imagine you work for a large service provider (e.g., a telecom company). Discuss the importance of information governance and information security, considering that a good percentage of your sales force, service people, and managers work remotely at least part of the time. 

2. As a manager you are or will be amassing large amounts of data. Like never before decisions are very complex and time sensitive. Discuss how a well implemented business analytics tool could help improve the quality of your business decisions.

 3. Imagine you are the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of a mid to large retail chain. You were called by the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) about a decrease in sales and profitability due to tough competition in prices. Discuss how a well implemented Supply Chain Management system could help your company to mitigate the problem. Your objective is to convince the CFO to invest on a new SCM platform. 

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4. You are the manager responsible for deploying a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiative into the Canadian operation. This initiative has been successfully implemented in the corporate level and in other operations (regions) world-wide. Halfway through the implementation, the project is behind schedule and over budget. After some inquiring and discussion, you realize that part of the problem is resistance to change by local employees. How would you fix the situation? How would prevent a similar situation from happening again in future deployments? 

5. Technology is developing at an overwhelming pace to most managers, who will ultimately make the decision to invest on them or not. What is the purpose of IT Strategy? Why is IT Strategy important for a business? Take one of those new technological developments and discuss it in terms of future opportunities and challenges for established companies & business models, and ultimately established business fields (e.g., accounting, HR, Marketing). In your opinion, how can this new technology development tie into an IT Strategy? 

6. You are the CIO of a reputable, medium-sized professional service organization (e.g., consulting firm, accounting practice, law firm), which due to severe market conditions has faced an increased and unprecedented turnover. The turnover has been particularly high in managerial and specialist positions. In this context, discuss the benefits and challenges associated with implementing a knowledge management initiative into your organization. Hint: think like you are justifying such initiative to top management. 

7. Discuss why most companies fail to realize the full potential of ERP implementations. Note: Do any four. Proper APA style references, with Direct quotes from articles and Books, And in text citations. Must be clear and give information to reader.