Write about Jane Fonda. Use the four quadrants format to write and organize the pape. Below are questions and information you should take into consideration.

Research question:

•Full name

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• Birth and death dates

• Education, formal or informal, religion

• Significant Relationships?

• What prevailing ideas and beliefs were either rejected and/or embodied in the individual’s body of work?

• What kind of gender, religious, socioeconomic, political, and nationalistic forces shaped this individual’s character?

• What events, incidents or challenges had a positive or negative effect upon this individual?

• What significant historical events, if any, influenced her work?

• If her work was challenged or opposed: By whom? Why and when?

• What did you find represents the individual’s central idea or issue?

• Are such views liberal, moderate, or radical?  Did the individual speak to an era, society, socio-economic group etc? 

• Was it difficult for the individual’s social circles or society to accept?  Why or why not?
• What meaning does the individual’s ideas/work have for you?

• Does this individual connect to your ideas in some way? 

• Does it make you more aware of yourself and your world?

• Do you believe that your individual deserves to be better known?


• Minimum of four full pages; double-spaced and 12 pt. font 

• MLA in-text citations and works cited appropriately for print and web sources

• Spell checked and use of correct grammar

• Appropriate library databases: Biography In Context, Credo Reference, etc.