Literature Synthesis


1. Organize the literature that you reviewed in your annotated bibliography (i.e., a minimum of eight primary, peer-reviewed research articles that are no more than six years old) and any additional primary, peer-reviewed research articles. Look at how the information in the articles supports the need to address your topic and suggests a potential intervention to address

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the problem identified in your topic. Note that more than eight articles related to the topic/focus are required to earn a grade of “excellent.”

2. Write a synthesis of what you have found, supporting what you say with citations from the various articles. Compare and contrast the findings and recommendations.

3. Conclude your synthesis with your choice of the most promising intervention strategy that you found to address the problem identified in Assignment #1.

4. Ensure that you:

5. Compose an introduction to the synthesis that links your topic to the literature,

6. Write strong clear paragraphs with transitions between ideas,

7. Use a logical flow within paragraphs and between them, and

8. State the connections between the synthesized research, your topic, and your proposed intervention.

9. By the end of the synthesis, the reader should be able to grasp the importance of your topic and the logic behind your choice of a proposed intervention strategy.

10. Cite and reference all sources. If you use the author’s exact words, use quotation marks, cite, and include the page number. If you are using the author’s ideas, cite the author(s) and date. No more than 20% of your paper can be material that is directly quoted from the literature.

Failure to cite will result in a failing grade—plagiarism is not tolerated.