Hints: Buck Converter Using MATLAB/Simulink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VRNF19YfC4

 Simulation parameters:

Buck Converter

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Switching Frequency, fsw (Hz) = 5200

Duty Ratio, D = 0.63

Table 1

DC-DC converter circuit parameters

Input source, V 400

Resistor, Ω 74

Inductor, mH 82

Capacitor, mF 33

Table 2

It is short report which contains the following:

 1. Simulation model

 2. Simulation results with short discussion

For simulation results presentation, please refer to textbook, Figure 6.4; i.e. zoom in to show 2 or 3 cycles of the following results.

a. Input voltage of dc-dc converter,

b. IGBT gating signal

c. IGBT voltage, vCE,

d. IGBT current ripple,

e. Inductor voltage

 f. Inductor current ripple,

g. FWD current ripple,

h. Capacitor current ripple,

 i. Output current ripple,

 j. Output voltage ripple.

3. Show all your calculation steps to determine:

 a. Output voltage, Vo, (A)

b. Output current, Io, (A)

c. Average Inductor current, IL, (A)

d. Maximum and minimum Inductor current, IL,max, (A) and IL,min, (A)

e. Voltage ripple, D Vo, (V)

4. The output terminals of the dc-dc converter with parameters in Tables 1 are 2 are used to energize a centrifugal fan that is driven by a permanent magnet DC motor.

 The parameters of the permanent magnet dc motor are given in Table 3.

a) Sketch the torque-speed characteristic of a centrifugal fan 

b) Determine the fan speed of the centrifugal pump in rpm, when the total load torque is equivalent to 50% of the rated motor torque.

 c) Explain if the dc-dc converter is suitable for the required load in (b).

Permanent magnet dc motor specifications

Rated power [hp] = 1.50

Rated speed [rpm] = 4500

Motor Constant, kV [V/A-rads-1 ] = 1

Armature Resistance Ra [Ω] = 4.0

table 3

Report Format: Maximum 6 pages (A4 size), minimum font size is 10, Single line spacing, doublepage printing. A cover page is not required. Please provide your Name, Student ID, and Section number on page 1.