Question 1The Covid-19 global pandemic has badly affected the airline industry. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) chief economist, Brian Pearce, the airline industry may lose up to $157 billion to coronavirus. It has badly affected passenger confidence and recovery to the airline industry is expected to take at least two to three years before confidence returns.Examine the five (5) factors (in terms of: government policies, societal changes, business trends, advances in technology and globalization) that have affected the airline industry in the wake of the pandemic crisis.(60 marks)
Question 2Identify a full-service airline when answer this question. Given the situation that people are afraid to travel and fly, your selected airline is determined to improve passenger confidence to assure the public that flying with this selected carrier has taken the necessary health and safety precautions.Using the three-stage model of service consumption as framework, how can your selected airline implement health safety measures to assure and improve public confidence to encourage people to travel again.(40 marks)