For this assignment, you will choose a song that you like. It can be of any genre; however, it will be difficult to analyze a song that does not have lyrical depth. So, please avoid songs without lyrical depth. (You know exactly what I mean too.. Laughing)

In this journal assignment, post the complete lyrics to the song, including the artist, year, and genre. Then analyze each verse of the song. 

  • What is the author trying to say? 
  • Where does the author use personification, syllables and metaphors?
  • Is there any word play? Explain it. 
  • Is the artist referring to something of which the causal listener would not know? 
  • What is the author’s tone- or the author’s emotion- behind the verses and does it fluctuate based on the lyrics or the music? 
  • What is the overall mood of the song? 
  • What is the author trying to get you to do, understand, or change? 
  • Why did you choose this song?

Analyze each verse by referring to it but don’t repeat each verse word for word. If you need to mention a word or two then fine. Of course, if it is the chorus or repeated part of the song, then you only have to analyze it once. The deeper you analyze, the better your grade will be. The more superficial your analysis, the lower your grade will be.

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You can do this in a bulleted list or in essay form, but be sure to analyze each verse and answer most of the questions above. You do not have to answer the unbolded questions above. They are guiding questions to help you think.