Quiz for Chapter Three of Thank You for Arguing by Jay Heinrichs

Some of the questions below are multiple choice or fill in the blanks, but others require you to type an answer. Make sure that your typed answers are full sentences.

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  1. According to Heinrichs, whether or not Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should have split up is an issue about
  1. Blame
  2. Values
  3. Choice
  4. Hollywood
  • According to Heinrichs, which of the issues is mostly about the future?
  1. Blame
  2. Values
  3. Choice
  4. Concern
  • If you are considering a career in criminal justice, particularly forensics, you probably like to watch a lot of detective shows like Law & Order, NCIS, etc. Which tense does forensic argument usually take place in?
  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future
  4. Infinity and beyond…
  • Explain why Aristotle favored deliberate argument.
  • If engaged in a game of “choices,” what does Heinrich recommend you begin with first – even if it is not your first choice?
  • Which of the following, according to Heinrichs, is the rhetoric of preachers?
  1. Deliberative
  2. Demonstrative
  3. Eternal truths
  4. Metaphysics
  • What is the difference between “tribal talk” and “political talk”?
  • According to Heinrichs, decisions depend on ____________________; they do not depend on ___________________________.
  • According to Heinrichs, which of the following is NOT debatable in deliberative rhetoric?
  1. Predictions
  2. Previous decisions
  3. Morals
  4. Winning
  1. In a debate over choice, which tense should you aim to focus on?
  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future
  4. None of the above