Human Capital & Employee Management

Human Capital & Employee Management

In one or two sentences, describe each of the six (6) items in the leadership loop.  AND provide an example of how you have met each of these items in the past or how you plan to implement them in the future.  You may use work related or UD related examples from your past.  If it is for the future, use work related examples.

2-Using either your current/past work setting or your work at UD, discuss the following in detail.  You may answer them separately or collectively.  [30-points]

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  • How are you and your peers currently competing with each other?
  • How does this competition contribute to the overall strength of you and your peers?  AND how does this competition hurt you or your team? Human Capital & Employee Management


Where do you draw the line between healthy and unhealthy competition among your peers?

3-The author recommends that you maintain close friendships at work, avoid office politics and expand your circle of acquaintances.  [40-points]

  • Why do you think the author recommends making friends on the job and expanding your circle of acquaintances?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of developing personal friendships among your peers at work?
  • Should the level of friendship you develop at work be at the same or different from the friendships you have developed among your peers in class or at home?

What are the pitfalls of developing close intimate friendships at work?  How do you strike a balance in maintaining close friendships and keeping it professional while at work?

4-What are some pragmatic things you can do in order to create an environment where people are comfortable sharing their ideas?  How do you ensure that the people you don’t like or respect are also given the opportunity to share their ideas?

5- Evaluate and Discuss giving examples, some of your own weaknesses, faults or blind-spots?  Discuss a minimum of three (3) where you feel you could improve on or strengthen.  What kinds of things can you do to strengthen each of them? Human Capital & Employee Management

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