I need help preparing a business report on the amazon whole foods merger. I have uploaded the requirements. I am willing to pay more than the $8 I just do not know how. It is not due until 11/14. The assignment must be written in own words and not copied from any source. Will be willing to use the tutor over again and keep paying if a good job is done.

June 11, 2017To: Management 485W students, fall 2017- campus sectionsFrom: JSKSubject: Business reportStudents must prepare a clearly written report on a company’s acquiring another firm oron another strategic action or dilemma that integrates the concepts of the course.Select an article published after 6/15/2017 in a business periodical(print or web edition)describing a company’s strategic dilemma orNEW1strategic action. (“The Wall StreetJournal”, “Forbes”. “Fortune”, “Businessweek”,http://dealbook.nytimes.com/category/main-topics/mergers-acquisitions/and “TheEconomist” are the most useful.) Remember that a “strategic action” represents a marketdriven significant commitment of organizational resources, is difficult to implement anddifficult or impossible to reverse. (See text page 152). This is not merely a problem, aproduct’s market repositioning or a new product. Note too that this report depends uponusing current data to understand a current situation, and you may not do an “after- actionreport” on a completed action or solved dilemma. While strategic actions are notexclusively mergers or acquisitions, students will find that mergers or acquisitions are thebest topics.You must select a strategic action of acompany publicly traded in the United States thatfiles an SEC 10-K report. You will be analyzing why the firm is involved in orconsidering the specific strategic action. Your data and analysis MUST includeinformation you obtain from, among other things, the firm’s 10-K(http://www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml) and the firm’s web site. (Some firm web sites offerinvestor information and a link to the firm’s 10-K.) Complete data from many sourceswill make a meaningful report easier.Ten points of your credit on this assignment is based on your having your instructorapprove your topic by the date in the course schedule. You must submit a brief (2 line)description of the strategic action, a photocopy of your article anda photocopy of thefirm’s 10-K first page. If you do not receive topic approval and you select a non- strategicaction or a non- qualifying firm, you will earn minimal credit for the assignment.Required sections of the report, in order, and the approximate pages anticipated are:Identification of subject including firm name, article title, source of article (date,publication, author)[¼ page]Brief summary of article (paraphrase, do not quote w/o quotation marks) Clearlyidentify the strategic action and explain why and how it is a strategic action. [1 page]The current Business Level Strategy of the firm for the relevant product- market andhow you determined this. [1/3 page]The Corporate Level Strategy of the firm and how you determined this. [1/3 page]Describe the General Environment (as your course defines that term) of the firm.Note that you will be describing conditions that create either constraints on or
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opportunities for the firm, not how the firm handles a particular concern or matter.Review the risks stated in the firm’s 10-K for relevant matters. Focus on the thingsthat drive the strategic action. [1- 2 pages]Describe the Industry Environment of the firm’ relevant product- market usingMichael Porter’s model and other relevant course concepts. Explain why theconditions are as you conclude using the course concepts. Include all of Porter’sforces and focus especially on the things that drive the strategic action. Review therisks stated in the firm’s 10-K for relevant matters. [1- 2 pages]Financial/ performance analysis of the last three years. Present a three- year table ofrelevant figures and explain how they show why the strategic action is necessary orwhy it happened. Use concepts from your finance and marketing courses. [1 page]Table or list showing strengths and weaknesses of the firm [1 page]Using facts from the General Environment, the Industry Environment, the FinancialAnalysis and the other facts you have presented, explain why the firm is experiencingthe problem/ dilemma or is involved in its particular strategic action. Identify thedeficiency or problem the strategic action will solve and how. [1-2 pages]What would one expect as an outcome of the action?Use what you have learned inthis course to judge the outcomes to expect. Apply concepts from the text, readingsand lectures. Cite course concepts to support any opinions you offer. This requirescareful analysis and thoughtful application of course material. [1 page]References- identify all sources of information [1 page]ATTACH PHOTOCOPY OF THE ARTICLE. YOUR INSTRUCTOR CANNOTEVALUATE YOUR WORK WITHOUT THIS SO YOU WOULD GET NOCREDIT.Use course concepts to prepare the information above. For example, your section onbusiness strategy should identify the business strategy for the relevant product- marketusing the terms you will have studied. You should identify the product- market and offerspecific evidence such as product characteristics or the core competency exploited.In many cases, you will be writing paragraphs whose topic sentence is the answer or partof the answer to a specific question. As you add the supporting sentences thatdemonstrate the veracity of your statement, you must use relevant course concepts. Youmust apply or cite course concepts in all instances in which they are relevant.Focus upon the things that lead the firm to the specific strategic action or dilemma. Showa reader how the various facts drive the firm to its state.Double-space using 12 point plain type and standard margins. Print on one side of thepaper. Provide headings for the sections described above.Submit your report with the pages stapled together in the upper left corner. Do not use abinder, folder or anything except the typed/ photocopied pages. Have your name on theoutside.