Improve Awareness In Smoking In Teenagers

Public Health – Improve Awareness In Smoking In Teenagers – Report Writing Assignment Help

Task : 1

Assessing health needs .

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Identify and prioritise the health needs of a specific population group, by applying theories of health needs


You should provide a concise background that justifies why this group needs attention, with epidemiological data showing they experience poorer health / health inequalities/ are more at risk of unhealthy behaviour). Use Office of National Statistics, Department of Health, WHO data, or other official body.

Identifying Health Needs

Find findings (health needs) from the Article papers

Prioritising the health needs

Identify the most significant unmet need, with a rationale to justify why this is the most important. Apply Bradshaw among other theories.

Task : 2

Addressing health needs .

D esign a strategic proposal for health promotion to address the prioritized health need, utilizing health promotion theories and principles

Aim and objectives .

Give one clear AIM which is broad statement linked to your objectives. And Three or four different types of SMART objectives stating the type of objective each is, to address the prioritised health need. You will find the types of objectives in the presentation in Week 5.

Health Promotion Activities.

Use Beattie’s model of health promotion approaches to structure your strategy, justifying each of the four activities by reference to the underpinning health promotion theories, models, principles, paradigms, research, policy, examples of practice. Comment on the relative value of each activity and the approach used. Explain which are most likely to improve health, and why.


Briefly outline the types of resources you will use, including the communication skills, with rationale. Keep any detail and lists for the appendices.


Describe and justify the types and methods of evaluation you plan to use. State also when, where and how the evaluation will take place, who will conduct it. You will find the different types of evaluation in the presentation in Week 10.

Gantt Chart

You should provide a Gantt chart that clearly explains who will be involved in each activity within given timescales.

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