Information Systems homework help

The assignment must be a minimum of 2-full pages in length with a minimum of 2 – sources. Please be sure to follow APA v6 guidelines for the entire paper.
Assignment Requirements:
You are the CISO for Amalgamated Widget.  The company wants to protect the data link when employees visit the company website to work from home. Alice argues for using SSL and Tina argues for using IPsec.

  1. List arguments Alice might use in favor of SSL, in essay format (no bullet points).
  2. List arguments Tina might use in favor of IPsec, in essay format (no bullet points).
  3. Make a recommendation to the CIO, in essay format.

Notes from instructor:
Do Not write in the 1st person (i.e., Me, My, I, I’m, etc.).
Do Not make this a heavily bullet pointed paper showing the specifics of each technology.
Do Not forget to make a recommendation (i.e., because of this, the CISO recommends ….!).