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Doctoral research at  follows a “bottom’s up” approach for both degree programs. Based on what you know from the reading and the slides, what type of research do you think is best suited for the topic area you are interested in – theory verification or theory generation? Why?
What is Research?
Different Approaches to Research
The Purpose of Research
Types of Research Studies
Validity in Research
Populations and Samples
Here is a computer science perspective of bottom-up vs. top-down as shown in the following Internet article titled “Difference between Bottom-Up Model and Top-Down Model.” (Links to an external site.)
In addition, here is a figure that represents the real-world perspective of the bottom-up approach you will use for your Dissertation.
he Size or Scope of Your Research
As you begin your doctoral journey, in the Module 1: Discussion 1 assignment, you are asked to think about bottoms-up vs. top down and theory verification vs. theory generation.
What this assignment is asking you to understand is the type of research you will perform, but also the size or scope of what you plan to research.
So what are you planning to address …
1. Are you addressing … an ocean-sized problem?   Example … An industry issue.
2. Are you addressing … a puddle-sized problem?  Example … A concept problem.
3. Are you addressing … a drop of water-sized problem?  Example … A technique improvement.
While you may start with an ocean-sized problem, you must continue to focus your intended research to a drop-sized problem for your Dissertation.