Information Systems homework help

ScenarioYou work at Rasmussen Hospital, and your manager has asked you to create some training materials for the medical professionals at your facility. You need to educate them about the different types of patient consent when it comes to treatment and release of information (ROI).InstructionsCreate an infographic or flyer that could be distributed to the medical professionals at the hospital.

  1. Your infographic or flyer should describe the six (6) types of consent listed below.
    1. Verbal consent
    2. Non-verbal consent
    3. Implied consent
    4. Written consent
    5. Express consent
    6. Informed consent
  2. Your manager advised that the infographic or flyer should:
    1. be well-organized and use headings/subheadings
    2. be written using proper spelling and grammar
    3. reflect professional tone and vocabulary