Inquiry into Clinical Practice

NSB203: Inquiry into Clinical Practice- Informational Poster- Nursing Reflective Writing Assignment


Individual poster

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1. Explain the key concepts and principles of the research process and outline the importance of evidence-based
practice approaches for the provision of safe and quality health care and for the global health research agenda.

2. Apply key literacy and critical thinking skills to locate, seek, interpret, analyse, synthesise and integrate evidence into practice.

3. Apply knowledge of quantitative and qualitative approaches to explain their role in research of contemporary, global health care issues.

This assessment asks you to produce an informational poster addressing a patient safety issue, identified from clinical practice placement, drawing upon evidence and using a structured inquiry-based learning approach. Your ability to define a practice-based practice issue, seek and appraise relevant evidence to address this issue, and
synthesise this evidence to establish recommendations for practice will be assessed.

The assessment addresses key components and skills developed during this unit, which relate directly to your ability as future registered nurses to think critically about the patient care you deliver, to identify clinical questions for investigation, and your ability to ensure the care you deliver is based upon sound evidence.

Part One: Informational Poster
To prepare for this assessment, you need to undertake the following steps:

1. Identify a patient safety issue that directly relates to your practice placement area. If you are not on clinical placement this semester, refer back to your last, or a previous placement.

2. Clearly define the patient safety issue, structuring this as a clinical question.

3. Decide on your strategy to address the problem and examine the evidence related to your topic. You need to
a. What type of evidence?
b. Which databases you will search to find this evidence?
c. How will you establish the keywords and limits for the searches?
d. How will you manage the evidence you find (for example, the use of referencing software)?
e. How will you decide on the level of evidence for each source or article?
f. How you will decide which papers are of sufficient quality to use in your assignment?

4. Collate, summarise and analyse the evidence – choosing the five papers at the highest level of evidence on which to base your recommendations. Consider any gaps or limitations to the available evidence you found.

5. Synthesise the evidence to establish recommendations for practice (creating an evidence ‘bottom line’ statement).

6. Create a single-sided digital A1 size digital poster using Powerpoint that summarises your work, for an audience
comprising of health care professionals, communicating the recommendations for patient care that have arisen. Your
poster should communicate the following:
a. The chosen patient safety issue
b. The clinical question
c. The search strategy
d. A summary of the evidence found to answer the question, which should clearly identify the study design and level of evidence. Present this in a literature matrix on the second page.
e. An explanation of any gaps or limitations to the evidence
f. An evidence ‘bottom line’ statement
g. References
h. Pictures or illustrations may be used to enhance your poster.
7. Upload your poster to Turnitin by the due date and time.

Part Two: Reflection
Based upon your evidence-based recommendations developed in Part One, and your learning in NSB203, write a reflection that:
1. Discuss the strategies you would use to implement the recommendations into the practice area, considering the
specific context of the practice area and the potential barriers and enablers to implementation.
2. Reflects upon the significance of your learning in relation to the EBP process, through your work in completing the
informational poster, and the relevance for your future practice as a registered nurse.

The reflection should conform to academic writing standards, and be supported by relevant, scholarly literature
(with an expected minimum of 10 sources).

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