Knowing Your Health Care Facilities and Structures

Knowing Your Health Care FacilityPart 1:Complete the following chart by identifying and describingfive facilities and the services they offeras well as identifying personnel who work in each facility.FacilityDescribe the facility.Describe the services offered at this facility.Identify types of personnel that work in this facility.1. Hospital2. Ambulatory care3. Rehabilitation4. Retail health clinic5. Long-term careCite at least five peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar resources.Part 2:Describe the following health care structures.Health Care StructureDescribe the health care structure.Identify a facility in your community that represents each of the health care structures.Private StructureFor-Profit StructureVoluntary StructureDiscussion Questions (Optional):1) If you were able to apply for a job today, or a new position in the health care industry, what type of facility would you be attracted to? Explain why.2) What value (qualifications) would you bring to your selected facility?

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