Management homework help

Choose one of the questions below and provide a well-thought-out response. The response should be 200-300 words in length, reflect knowledge and comprehension of the subject, and include specific reference (with proper APA citation) to the assigned reading. Open the discussion and select Create Thread to post your response to one (1) of the questions in the list.

  1. How does organizational change relate to changing communities and/or markets?
  2. How critical is it to build diversity within an organization to effectively interact with diverse communities? How is this accomplished? Are there limitations?
  3. How does the understanding of Warriors, Sages, Adventurers, and Guardians inform the experience of organizational member feedback and evaluations?
  4. Which one of those four leadership frameworks/styles is best suited for community building?
  5. Explore the ideas of affirmation and empowerment as enabled or hindered by Patching’s four leadership frameworks/styles.