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Holistic Health for Beginners

We are saturated with digital content daily. As we live hectic lives, digital content is easy to digest whenever and wherever we are. Thankfully, there is digital content that can lead to positive and holistic change in your life. This is a list of medication podcasts that you can listen to on a drive, in your bed, during your workout time, etc. It is easy to incorporate these medication podcasts into your daily life. Try a few out and see what improvement deep breathing and calming your mind can do to your life.
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This website describes the best podcasts for meditation, including for beginners, for those committing to a practice, for health and wellness, etc.
Assess a podcast that is dedicated to meditation and wellness.
Include each of the following points in your assignment:
·  Pick one of the podcasts of your choosing (perhaps based on what you think would be of benefit to you). Commit to listening to at least two episodes.
·  Create a 2-3-minute podcast or video of your own to teach others about your experience.
·  What were the positive and negative qualities of the podcast? Did you gain valuable insights?
·  Would you recommend it to someone as part of a mental wellness regimen?
·  Beyond the podcasts you listened to, what other holistic practice would you recommend?