Management homework help

The written assignments (Modules 4 and 8) will give you an opportunity to apply many of the concepts we explore in the course. Prepare a 4-5 page paper (double-spaced, excluding cover page and reference page) which addresses the following:
Pick a topic from the below list which we explored in the second-half of the course:
· Other Lenders: Savings Institutions, Credit Unions, & Finance Companies
· Insurance Companies
· Security Firms & Investment Banks
· Investment Companies
· Pension Funds
· Risks at Financial Institutions
For your chosen topic, respond to the following:
· Explain what it is and how it fits within the financial system
· Who are the main participants?
· How large is the market or sector that you chose? How has it changed over the last couple of decades?
· Research four articles that you think provide some important insights into your chosen topic and analyze the articles. What do the articles have to say about your market and sector?
· What do you feel are the big risks and why?
Structure and Mechanics
Paper length should be 4-5 pages. Note, the paper should be a mixture of data and analysis / explanation.
Please organize your paper into relevant sections and include section titles to help make the paper organized and easy to follow.
Your paper should include a brief and relevant introduction and conclusion.
Include a cover page, citations in the body of your paper, where relevant and references at the end of your paper.  The paper should in APA format.
The paper should be written in Microsoft Word and submitted as an attachment in the assignment drop-box. The assignment is due at the end of Module 8.