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Maroon = Partner work (partner not required) – You may work with and turn in the same assignment as 1 other student for the all assignments this week. (Except Discussion.)
(1) Email-essay: 
When you make a decision, it is critical to answer:

  • What is the desired outcome?
  • How will that outcome be measured / monitored?

For this week’s essay, you will write an email to your boss describing the desired outcome for the decision made in one of the cases (Salesforce, Netflix) and how that outcome will be measured. Specify:

  • desired outcome/project objective
  • what metrics/KPIs will be monitored and why (min 2 KPIs/metrics)
    • define KPI
  • targets for the KPIs
  • what it means if a particular metric or KPI goes up or down
  • what internal teams will be responsible for monitoring which KPIs

An example from previous session:  ALY_6100_Week_5_Assignment_Email_Anita_Lok.pdf ALY_6100_Week_5_Assignment_Email_Anita_Lok.pdf – Alternative Formats
Other requirements:

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  • Use in line citations where appropriate
  • Include a reference list/bibliography
  • Minimum 2 references (including book and case study)
  • Minimum 300 words

This week’s essay will not have slides associated with it, instead will use Tableau to build a Dashboard or Outcome Report.
(2,3) Dashboard/Outcome Report exercise – Tableau Visualization + Explanation
(2) Dashboard or Outcome Report – Tableau
This week in class we reviewed how companies track and visualize key metrics and KPIs. For projects in which metrics can be measured in an automated fashion, these may be visualized with constantly updated Dashboards (e.g. Netflix viewing data). For projects in which metrics cannot be calculated in an automated manner, and/or are only calculated quarterly/yearly, an Outcome Report may be produced. Based on this week’s email-essay and your knowledge of the Salesforce or Netflix case, use Tableau to mock up Dashboards or an Outcome Report using simulated data.
(1) Simulated data. Do not go looking for data. You are making your own!
I want you to simulate 2 KPIs for your case over some period of time. See Simulating Data section above for tutorial video and example code.

  • For a Dashboard, you’d probably have the numbers by the minute to daily. For an Outcome Report, you’ll probably simulate values on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.
  • Make realistic simulated data. I don’t need you to get the numbers precisely right, but I’d like to see them within an order of magnitude of reality and the variation in the numbers to make sense (e.g. if you think the trend of your KPI will be increasing, make sure the trend of your KPI is increasing)

(2) Create a Dashboard or Outcome Report for the KPIs in Tableau
Using what you learned from the visualization material this week, create a Dashboard or Outcome Report in Tableau for the data. See Simulating Data section above for tutorial video that includes using Tableau.

  • The purpose of these graphs is to allow the viewer to quickly assess the outcomes (as far as KPIs) for the project. Make the graphs easy to interpret – use legends, plot in an easy to read way, etc
  • Make minimum 2 graphs in Tableau (min one for each KPI)

For this assignment, please take screenshots or make a PDF of your Tableau visualizations. Your submission can be in PDF or PPT(X) format. You may also include the link to your Tableau project. You will describe and explain your Outcome Report or Dashboard in part (3), which will be a separate submission. (I will grade them next to each other, though.) I don’t need to see your code/Excel notebook/etc.
(3) Dashboard or Outcome Report – Describe and explain 
In place of a short answer this week, I want you to describe an explain your Dashboard or Outcome Report mock-ups. Please include:

  • Definitions of the KPIs/metrics you included in your mock-ups
  • Why you included each KPI/metric
  • Why you choose to display the metric in the way you choose

Other requirements:

  • Use in line citations where appropriate
  • Include a reference list/bibliography as appropriate
  • Minimum 300 words

Submission instructions
This folder contains TurnItIn submissions for (1) email-essay, (2) Dashboard or Outcome Report, and (3) describe and explain.

  • attachment