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FIN 6120
Summer, 2020
Team Case
We have addressed the constant change that exists in today’s business environment.  Major contributing factors for the volatility are the evolving global market place and various economic strategies.  The Harvard Business Review article A Decentralized Token Economy: How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Can Revolutionize Business by Jei Young Lee explain how some aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency has evolved in the marketplace.
As described in the course syllabus, your team will present a Power Point presentation during our final session.  See the syllabus for details.
Your final presentation will address the following:
Based on the facts of the case and current information your assignment will answer the following questions:
NOTE: All questions shall be answered FOR THE CURRENT AND FUTURE TIME PERIODS.
Are crypto currencies a good option for companies to accept for services?  How about goods?
If you were beginning a company that used crypto currency for your revenue, which cryptocurrency would you use?  Why?
Facebook is attempting their own currency, Libra.  What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to their plan?
What would be the top three cryptocurrencies from a financial aspect?  What financial ratios and/or information did your team use to come up with your answer?
What cryptocurrency would your team invest in and why?
You should reference information from the case and also incorporate topics covered during our class and from outside sources, including current financial market factors.  A Power Point with notes and references will be submitted for your final presentation.