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SCMN 3320 – Supply Chain Management
INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – Triple Bottom Line Slide Presentation
Due:  Before 11:59pm Friday, July 31, 2020

Supply Chain Management has a direct and significant impact on an organization’s triple bottom line performance. Select an organization and prepare a single PowerPoint slide (template provided on Moodle) about how a supply chain management approach has either helped or hindered their triple bottom line performance, specifically focusing on at least one of the three measures:


  1. Profit (Economic Prosperity)
  • Supply chain disruption (inventory issues, supplier issues, forecasting issues, transportation issues, system issues, or even natural disasters)


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  1. Planet (Environmental Stewardship)
  • Product design (packaging, more per pallet, etc.)
  • Supply chain design (carbon footprint)
    • Supplier proximity, transportation methods (ex. rail vs. truck), etc.
  • Sustainable buildings (ex. retail, distribution centres, etc.)


  1. People (Social Responsibility)
  • Incident due to a supplier’s social performance (negative media reports)
  • Supplier selection and development

The slide should include the name / logo of the organization, and key points about how the topic chosen directly impacts the organization’s performance on the chosen triple bottom line measure.  Information following a W5 (Who, What, When, Where, Why) is recommended.  Quantifying the impact of the topic would be ideal.  Additional images could include relevant pictures and news headlines.  Cite your references (web links, etc.) in the slide notes.
A template slide to use and sample slides for both slide topics will be posted to Moodle. 


Submit your presentation to the Individual Slide Presentation Discussion Forum on Moodle. You will need to submit a presentation during which you speak, i.e. you will present your slide. Your presentation should be MAX three (3) minutes. You may do this using Kaltura in Moodle. Below is a screen shot of the button to push in order to accomplish your recording. You may also record a voiceover of your presentation in MS PowerPoint and upload it using the Kaltura button and selecting Media Upload.
If you are having difficulty submitting, please let me know however asking on the due date is too late. I would recommend you try the technology out before the end of July to make sure you understand how to do the recording when it is time for you to do so. This is a good practice when asked to use technology with which you may not be familiar.

Mark Breakdown

Content /5

  • All required information is presented
  • Part of triple bottom line impacted is clearly and correctly identified
  • Business impact is described

Format /3

  • No spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Slide format is easy to read
  • Pictures and words do not overlap slide style
  • Picture is relevant

Slide presentation /2

  • Slide is not just read word-for-word

Total /10