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Instructions on Completing your Take Home Exam:

  • You have 17 hours to submit your exam script. You do not need to wait until the deadline to submit your exam script and can submit at any point during the 17-hour time period. Please refer to the Technical Guide for instructions on submitting.
  • If the exam was originally scheduled to last two or three hours, it is not anticipated that the exam will take more than one or two hours more than the original time to complete.
  • If your completed exam script is typed, please use a minimum 12-point font and 1.5 line spacing to ensure that the text is readable. Please include a header containing your student ID number (but not your name).
  • If your completed exam script is hand-written, please ensure that handwriting is legible. Please write your student ID number (but not your name) at the top of each page and ensure that your answers are clear in the photos of your script.
  • If a word limit has been specified for the overall exam or for each question, please ensure that you keep to the word limit. Any words beyond the word limit will not be marked.
  • Please ensure that you clearly identify which question you are answering.
  • If you encounter any problems while taking this exam – such as IT problems or home circumstances – please ensure you make a note of them at the end of the exam script.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your exam script files for upload – please don’t leave this to the last half hour before the 24-hour period expires. See Technical Guide for details.

Academic integrity

  • In taking this exam, you are allowed to consult any notes you’ve made on the course, any course material, any previous assignments you have completed, any books or articles, any internet source, and anything else you find useful.
  • The exam script must be your own work. You must undertake the exam on your own and without collusion, i.e. without assistance from other people; without collaborating or discussing the exam; without sharing answers with anyone else (this includes on social media), as posting or providing your own solutions or responses to others is also academic misconduct.
  • Normal processes (e.g. Turnitin) will be used to check that submissions do not draw from other people’s work in an inappropriate way.
  • If staff have reason to think that you have collaborated with other students, this will be treated as academic misconduct.
  • The University’s standard procedures for dealing with academic misconduct will apply in the case of this exam.
  • Guidance on plagiarism, and information about how the University responds to evidence of plagiarism, can be found here. Information about how the University responds to evidence of academic misconduct can be found here
  • If you are completing an essay-type of exam, you must reference material as you would for coursework (this is not relevant for numeracy-based questions). You do not need to reference lecture/tutorial notes and slides etc provided as part of your course. If in doubt about referencing you can find guides here


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By submitting your exam script, you confirm that this work is your own own and is expressed in your own words. You confirm that any use made within it of the works of other authors in any form (e.g. ideas, text, equations, figures, tables, other forms of data) are properly acknowledged and referenced at the point of their use. If appropriate to the type of exam, you confirm that a list of the references employed is included (not required for numeracy-based questions).