Medial On Demand

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Double Spaced one page for each topic! NO NEED TO CITE. NO NEED FOR A TITLE PAGE.


Topic: Medial On Demand – Flickr, YouTube, and Pandora

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Web 2.0 deals with interactivity and the involvement of users. Some of the most popular web 2.0 sites are those that allow users to share media and customize the sites content. You may already use these sites. If you haven’t, you should have already heard of at least one of these sites.

The first site is Flickr ( to an external site.). This site is free and after you register you may share photos with friends, family or the world. The second site is YouTube ( to an external site.). This site allows users to upload their own videos to be seen by the entire world. The last site is Pandora (www.pandora.comLinks to an external site.). Pandora is a customizable online radio station.

Explore each of these sites and post a summary of what you found. Include whether you have used these sites in the past and if you did a brief summary of how they worked. Which did you like the best? Why?


Topic: Other tools Google has available for you

Go to Google ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) and you will see a list of many different tools offered by Google. Pick three of the tools (excluding Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Play and YouTube) and explore them in detail. Write about the three tools you tried, what they do, good/bad points, and why you would (or would not) use each one.

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