1.   Medical terminology is derived from which two languages?
     2.   The outer layer of skin is formed by       3.   What term means “away from the midline of the body”?       4.   The core foundation of a medical term is the       5.   The combining vowel is placed between       6.   The feet are __________ to the head       7.   The types of cells that are shaped like roots are _______ cells.       8.   The brain and spinal cord are covered by       9.   The type of cells that secrete directly into the blood stream are _______ cells.       10.   Adipose tissue is a form of _______ tissue.       11.   How many amino acids are there?       12.   What is the prefix in the medical term microbiologist?       13.   What’s the proper plural ending for biopsy?       14.   Which of the following are lipids?        15.   Benign tumors are treated with       16.   The _______ part of the vertebral column contains vertebra C1–C7.       17.   An example of a mucous membrane is a _______ membrane.      18.   The phrase anatomical position refers to the body standing upright      19.   What’s the definition for intra–?      20.   The nucleus contains the
Post a summary of how the five population health determinants (access to health care, individual behavior, social environment, physical environment, and genetics) affect your selected health issue, and which determinants you think are most impactful for that particular issue and why. Explain how epidemiologic data supports the significance of your issue, and explain how this data has been used in designing population health measures and policy initiatives.
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