Medications and giving treatments

Question Description

 Consider identifying other areas of potential Pattern Conflict that they may not have considered. Provide additional advice on how they could improve or maximize their relationships with the person they have identified. Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.

a.Pick one person in your life that you regularly interact with. Briefly describe them and hypothesize their use first, avoid and use as need learning patterns.

I chose my friend Kristel and has been a licensed practical nurse in a nursing home for many years. Kristel is a well organize and a very hard working person and I predict her learning patterns as follows

Sequence –   28
Precision  –    31
Technical reasoning –  26
Confluence –  15
Kristel is a dynamic learner just like me.

b.What evidence do you have to support your hypothesize? Provide specific example of how the person you identified uses their learning patterns.
Sequence(use first) Kristel is well organize when it comes to passing medications and giving treatments to patients on time because giving medications at the right time matters a lot especially with patients that need them before their meals. Also she makes sure that any patient that has an appoint with another doctor outside the home, she arranges for transportation and a staff that will accompany the patient.

Precision(use first) Kristel  ask questions a lot when it comes to clarifying doctor’s orders and new procedure she has no prior knowledge  of or does not understand, since she is dealing with people’s lives and she does not want to make any mistakes by giving the wrong medications or treatments. 

Technical reasoning(use first) Kristel likes to use her nursing skills first before reporting to the doctor or head nurse. For example if patient falls down, she will assess the patient for physical injury, check vitals signs, render first aid if necessary,  fill out incident report form then notify the doctor. And if the doctor gives orders for x-ray, lab work or pain medication, she has to carry out the orders immediately and make the patient as comfortable as possible.

Confluence(avoid) Kristel loves her nursing and helping people but she hates taking risks on her patient’s lives because she could lose her license or be sue for negligent and  malpractice if something happens to a patient under her care. This is why she takes her time in rendering care and meeting her patients needs.

Part Two
a.How do their hypothetical learning patterns compare to yours? List your LCI scores to remind us of your own learning patterns.

My Learning  Patterns Scores are

Sequence  –  31
Precision   –   31
Technical reasoning  –  15
Confluence  –  20

My Friend’s scores are

Sequence  –  28
Precision   –   31
Technical reasoning – 26
Confluence  –  15

Sequence learning pattern is the one Kristel and I have in common because we are well organize and we like to plan ahead of time  whether is a project or vacation. For instance, many years ago we took a family vacation together to Florida, we both shop online for the best airfares, hotels and car rentals then we compared prices and we got the best deals for our fun vacation.

Kristel and I have a pattern conflicts in confluence because she does not like taking risks unlike me. I have encouraged her to go and complete her nursing by becoming a Registered Nurse but she’s afraid due to finance, job and her family since she’s a single parent. I have also given her some options to help her in that aspect and she said would look into it. However, I like taking risks sometimes and that is why I have decided to take different career path with this course. 
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