Mexican Immigration History and current Affirmative Action Racial Inequalities in Education

LIST OF TOPICS FOR SOC 215 Mexican Immigration History and current Affirmative Action Racial Inequalities in Education Race Segregation in Prisons Sport Logos and Racism Asian Americans and Racism in the US Islamophobia Palestine, Israel, and America Race and Media (movies) Unauthorized Immigration (undocumented immigration) Racial Inequalities within the Voting System Racial Inequalities within the Political System Racial Conflict during Economic Downturns Racial Scapegoating Racism: Different in Brazil and Cuba than the US? Racism in the Health Care System How Nazis Influenced Public Opinion about Jews Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System Structural Racism: Laws and Social Norms The Problems with Color Blind Ideology White privilege CRITERIA FOR RESEARCH PAPER 1. Choose a topic for your research paper from the list that has been provided in Bb Learn under Course Content: All Instructions. 2. Papers must be a MINIMUM of ten pages long (8 full pages of text, one page for references and one cover page). No headings should be repeated on the eight pages of text – they belong on the cover page. Write a minimum of eight pages of text on that research topic. 3. Include a minimum of eight scholarly references (social science journals, law books; and/or websites that are sponsored by academics and/or professionals) and include a bibliography at the end of the paper using ASA formatting. One of those references can be from ONE of our texts; the other references must come from separate academic journal articles NOT news articles or random websites. 4. Do not include Wikipedia or other encyclopedia/dictionary usages among the ten references. 5. USE ASA WRITING STYLE ONLY; AN ASA FORMATTING GUIDE CAN BE FOUND IN Bb LEARN UNDER COURSE CONTENT: ALL INSTRUCTIONS OR ONLINE. 6. Double-Space, use 12 point normal font (Times New Roman only) and margins no greater than 1.25” on all sides. DO NOT MANIPULATE FONTS AND/OR FORMATTING TO SATISFY THE LENGTH CRITERIA (SHORT PAPERS WILL NOT EARN CREDIT). DO NOT INCLUDE LONG QUOTES OVER FORTY WORDS; LIMIT SHORT QUOTES TO ONLY 3-4 7. Papers will only be accepted in Bb Learn under “Assessments” as an attached file as either rich text format or Word document (do not save your documents as .pdf, .lnk, .wps, pages, or .odt – some of these will not open in Bb Learn). DO NOT SUBMIT IN Bb LEARN MESSAGES, NAU EMAIL, OR HARD COPY. BUT PLEASE, DO ENJOY YOUR RESEARCH PROJECTS!

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