Module 06 Written Assignment – Communication Plan

 Module 06 Written Assignment – Communication Plan

Create assessment partnerships with families and professional colleagues to build effective learning environments.


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You are a lead teacher preparing to meet with a new family joining your early learning program. The purpose of this meeting is to form an assessment partnership with the family. During the meeting you will discuss with the family the benefits of sharing information and how you will use the created communication plan to support your partnership.


Create a communication plan with a meeting agenda/script and communication details that:

Part One: Meeting Agenda/Script

  • Describes the characteristics of collaborative partnerships, including the roles of early childhood educators and family members towards creating and maintaining a partnership.
  • Defines an assessment measure the family can use to collect their own information (data) on their child’s development, along with:
    • How the information/data can be shared with the program.
    • How the information/data will be used to enhance the learning environment.

Part Two: Communication Details

  • Describes how often you will communicate with families and what assessment information will be shared.
    • Provides at least one example of how you will provide assessment information in meaningful and useful ways to the family.
  • Summarizes how the shared information will contribute to a developmentally appropriate learning environment.

Submission Requirements

  • Meets the following general requirements:
    • Provides at least one credible source as an APA formatted reference.
    • Uses professional language with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Compile the meeting agenda/script and the communication details into one document for the communication plan and submit as a Word Document.
  • Look very important to read everything. the name of this course is observation and assessment for effective curriculum. do this homework based on it.