Nanotechnology & Biotechnology Medicine

You are to develop an innovative project, which you perceive to be a viable and potentially profitable business idea, that identifies solutions/opportunities for personalized medicines using nanomedicines or biotechnology, based on issues experienced in pharma. As part of your opening pitch, you are required to specify the amount of money you require from potential investors.

Specific Instructions:

Power point of total 12 slides needed & should cover all the below details

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– Develop an innovative drug deliver system.

– Currently Insulin is used for Diabetes but it has specific disadvantages. Provide Introduction for Diabetes, Insulin & its disadvantages

– Develop a innovative drug delivery system (Insulin coupled with nano technology) and provide the advantages (how this new innovative drug delivery system improves/overcomes the disadvantages of traditional insulin systems) using the existing literature (articles)

– Mention how economically competitive this new innovative drug delivery system could be (ie, cost/budget for the development, profits (due to increase in sales) based on the population that is suffering from diabetes which will be interested in using this new drug due to its advantages and turnover etc in UK Pounds

– Include References

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