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HA4050D – Healthcare Law
Discussion 01.2: Introductions
Welcome to the course! This is your chance to introduce yourself and to get better acquainted with your classmates.  First, please post a paragraph introducing yourself to the class. Feel free to share whatever information you wish about you and your family, job, interests, etc. But please also include the following (in complete sentences and paragraphs):
Hello, class, my name is Curtis Hill; I go by Curt. I lived in Columbus, Georgia, I have two boys, one is 27, and the other one is 20 is a Junior at Savannah State, my goal is to be successful in Learning about Management and how it works. My personal goals I want to achieve is a Degree in Health Care Management, and also, I wish to strengthen my grammar and personal skills.
1.Describe your career goals and how what you learn in this class might fit into those goals.
2.Provide a summary of your experiences (if any) working in the health care or legal fields.
3.Looking through your textbook, find at least one topic that interests you and which you look forward to learning more about. Explain why it caught your attention.