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1. Choose any two of the questions below.
Write your post then include an APA citation for the article assigned for this Discussion Board at the end.
Questions (choose one)

  1. Appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the study selection process. (See the “Data sources and search criteria” and “Study selection” sections of the article.)

Consider the following:  Did the search criteria and inclusion/exclusion criteria match the purpose/research question for the study?

  1. Appraise the strengths and weaknesses of how the data was extracted and the risk of bias determined for each study in the review. (See “Data extraction and risk of bias in the studies included” and “Risk of bias in the studies included”.)

Consider the procedures employed by the researchers and the tools used to determine risk of bias.

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  1. Provide your opinion on the appropriateness of the authors conclusions, as stated in the Discussion section.  Consider the quality of the studies in the systematic review.  You must provide a rationale for your opinion.