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Future Roles in Nursing Paper
As an accelerated Nursing student who will be taking both undergraduate and graduate-level classes over the course of your program, it is expected that you possess solid academic/scholarly writing skills. To demonstrate this proficiency, you are required to write and submit a paper in this course.
Below is a description of this assignment. 

  • Investigate a future role in nursing that is interesting to you.  Write a two-three page paper, plus title and reference pages, describing your topic.
  • Provide some discussion/analysis/context of why this role is of interest to you.
  • Please format paper per APA guidelines for formatting and citation of sources as failure to do so will strongly impact your grade. Papers containing excessive formatting, organizational or grammatical errors will be given an unsatisfactory grade (<73%) and students will be referred to the GWU Academic Writing Center for writing assistance. Proof of a meeting with the Writing Center will allow the student (with an unsatisfactory grade) to earn 5 additional points on the paper grade.
  • First-person Point of View (POV) is acceptable as long as the tone is scholarly vs. conversational. Remember to follow grammatical rules for paragraph structure, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Include at least three current, peer-reviewed scholarly references FROM THE NURSING LITERATURE in your paper (no older than five years).
  • Remember to include a title and reference page per APA guidelines.
  • Papers must be submitted in MS-Word format, NOT PDF.

Examples of Nursing specialties are listed below. Pick one of these roles in nursing that interest for your future role in nursing paper.

  • Adult Medical Surgical,
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU),
    Emergency Department (ED, Operating Room (OR),
  • Labor and Delivery,
  • Psychiatric Unit,
  • Pediatric Medical-Surgical,
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)


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