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Staff Practice, Attitudes, and Knowledge/Skills Regarding Evidence-Based Practice Before and After an Educational Intervention
Please use the link above. choose a qualitative or quantitative study to critically evaluate the study above.
the instruction is as follow. For example the first content heading should be Credibility of the research.
(1) credibility of research article (2) problem statement and research design (3) Evaluates ethical issues in the study (4) Evaluates the purpose statement (5) Evaluates the literature review (6) Evaluates the sampling strategy (7) Evaluates the measurement strategy and validity in quantitative studies (8) Evaluates how study results may (or may not) be used to inform EBP
(2) In a 5-page paper (excluding title page and references), critically evaluate this study below. Use the numbered statement above as sub-heading the body paragraph.  choose a qualitative or quantitative study to critically evaluate the study, including making a recommendation for utilization in Evidence based practise. Evaluate the credibility of professional citation, research design, and procedures in a research article. Include a discussion on how this study contributes to EBP. Please remember to follow APA 6th edition formatting for the title page, body of the paper, and reference page.  your papers.