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This assignment focuses on course learning objectives 2 and 3 – Describe career opportunities available in hospitality organizations and Recognize skills and knowledge necessary to advance within the Hospitality Industry.
This assignment will be an essay, written in APA format (If you are unsure of the proper paper format, refer to the template provided in the classroom or the resources in our online library). Be sure that you have reviewed the feedback you received from your first written assignment. Your essay should be no more than 3 pages of written content, along with a properly formatted title page and reference page. An abstract should not be included. The content for your essay is described below.
First, do some reflection on your career goals and choose a job/career goal, defining your ideal position within the hospitality industry. The essay will focus on describing and explaining the necessary skills and knowledge required or preferred for advancement in the field, from an entry level position to that goal position in management (preferably to general manager, vice president, or director level). The writing should be outlined by job progression and you can refer to specific job postings from company or third party job sites, like for example.
NOTE: Even if you are not actually planning to obtain employment within hospitality, you will choose a hospitality job for the purpose of this writing. Also, you should be reviewing the feedback from your week two submission prior to beginning this assignment.
If you have any questions on content or format expectations, please email me or post a question in the Q&A forum. Refer to the grading rubric for guidelines and expectations.
Be sure to review the Week 4 Assignment Hints and Tips found in your course content in the Activities & Assessments tab for week 4. It describes step by step how to be successful at this assignment.