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A- I agree with your finding that “nursing theoretical systems give direction and create understanding in practice, research, and education” (Alligood, 2018, p. 572). Nursing theory help us nurses provide the best quality care for our patients and shows empathy towards each other as a whole. Yes, nursing is ongoing learning field that helps us learn from our mistakes and prevent it from happening in the future . Nursing Theory is used to support the way we practice. Everything nurses do there’s a theory behind it that explains how things are done. Nursing theory improves quality of care and guide research whether its qualitative or quantitative research.


Alligood, M. R. (2018). Nursing theorists and their work. St. Louis, MO:

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Definitely Grand Nursing are more board abstract. According to Arora “Grand Nursing theory provides a conceptual framework under which the key concepts and principles of the discipline can be identified” (Arora, 2015, p. 10). Grand nursing theory can be applied to empirical studies. Middle range theory is more specific, precise, and simple (Arora, 2015, p. 10). Grand nursing and Middle range theorists both provide better communication between patients and providers.


Arora, S. (2015). Integration of Nursing Theories in Practice (1st ed., Vol. 1). Gurgaon, Indian: International Journal of Nursing Science Practice and Research. Retrieved October 30, 2015, from

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