Opioid crisis epidemic


Assignment 3: opioid crisis epidemic

Problem: Includes the significance, background, and a problem statement. 

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Problem Statement using PICOT: The problem statement identifies the specific gap in the knowledge needed for practice.

Example: There is a gap in knowledge regarding the potential benefits of a nurse-led intervention aimed at educating obese middle-school children on strategies to improve health outcomes.

Project Purpose: The project purpose is a clear, concise statement of the specific goal or aim of the project that is generated from the problem.

Literature Review on opioid crisis epidemic: Five Articles Abstracted onto the Evaluation Table (APA format within 5 years)

In Weeks 2–7, you will submit an evaluation table document with five research articles abstracted for your literature review (refer to W3 Working Ahead). Although it is expected that a majority of the articles will be part of your final literature review, some may not necessarily be included depending on your evaluation. For example, out of the thirty articles you evaluate during this course, you may only end up including twenty in your final review. The total number of articles you include may also depend on the amount of existing research. Try to shoot for twenty to twenty-five articles as a target for your final review. You will organize the information obtained from the review by paraphrasing and organizing concepts, variables, themes, and data from each article according to the nine headings in the evaluation table.

**Click here to download a blank evaluation table. These will be provided for you, this link is only a reminder….

**Click here to view a sample evaluation table that contains the required data. These will be provided for you, this link is only a reminder….

Submission Details:

Save the table as SU_NSG8100_W2_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.