Patient Care Procedures

PTA 202: Patient Care Procedures

PTA 202

Patient Care Procedures

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1. Each group is to turn in a paper on a Patient Care Activity Analysis

2. Information sources must be cited in (References page in AMA format)

3. Cover page including the course name & number (PTA 202), title of paper, and your names and date

4. Must use 12 point font Times New Roman, Double spaced

5. Written in 3-4 pages (not including the cover and references page)

6. Pages need to be numbered on the top right hand corner

7. Pay attention to spelling accuracy and sentence construction

8. Please avoid plagiarism (Groups will attach the research article used to support/supplement their analysis)

Format: Analysis is to include:

· (1) Preparatory components to patient care activity (i.e., equipment, set-up as applicable, preparation of area, etc)

· (2) Procedures to activity (be as concise as possible)

· (3) Clinical implications per your chosen patient population (group is free to choose any diagnosis)

· Example: How would the precautions affect the activity

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