Peer Replies (Posts)

Replyseparatelytotwoof my peer’s posts (See attached peer’s posts, post#1 and post#2).INSTRUCTIONS:Reply to two of your classmates—from different states—after reviewing the information provided in your initial post and comparing your state stats. Address some of the problems, if any, with the current malpractice legal system related to malpractice.Your responses should be in a well-developed paragraph (300-350 words) to each peer, and they should include evidence-based research to support your statements using proper citations and APA format!Note: DO NOT CRITIQUE THEIR POSTS, DO NOT AGREE OR DISAGREE, just add new informative content regarding to their topic that is validated via citations.Please, send me the two documents separately, for example one is the reply to my peers Post #1, and the second one is the reply to my other peer Post #2.Minimum of 300 words per peer reply.Background: I am a Registered Nurse, I work in a Psychiatric Hospital (Crisis & Stabilization).