Policy of Assimilation

NUR332: Policy of Assimilation 1961 – Nursing Assignment

1)It is important for health professionals to gain knowledge of the pre-invasion health status of the Australian Indigenous population to understand the impact caused by Australia’s government policies. Your introduction should identify the pre-invasion health status of Indigenous Australian Men

2)Provide a background statement outlining the current health status of Indigenous Australian Men and how this contrasts with their representation of health. Note – Indigenous people have their own interpretation of health which contrasts greatly to the western medical model

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3)Critically analyze and explain the intent of the Assimilation Policy of 1961. Provide brief examples of how Assimilation practices have impacted on the health status of Indigenous Australian Men today

4)Australian Indigenous Men’s business and Indigenous lore relating to male initiation practices

5) Australian Indigenous Men and education and employment

6) Australian Indigenous Men and racism and incarceration rates

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