Poverty and Crime Relationship Sample Essay

Poverty and Crime Relationship Sample Essay



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Poverty and Crime


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Poverty and Crime

There exists a substantial relationship between poverty and crime. Poverty denies individuals an opportunity to access basic life necessities such as proper housing, quality education, proper clothing and good food. Absence of these commodities bleeds a sense of anger and envy which leads the affected into indulging in criminal activities to acquire their basic needs.

Jealousy and envy are two toxic emotions capable of fueling negative behavior leading to crime.  Jealousy and envy gives individuals the desire to preserve or to retain a possession that doesn’t belong to them(Starkey, 2015). This leads to criminality as the individuals involved are capable of doing anything to acquire the possession in question. However, their actions cause pain and anguish on the affected parties. For example, Daniel Starkey’s desire to be in possession of computer games, movies and games which his peers accessed and he could not drove him into engaging in piracy.

Crime offers a way in which poor people can obtain material goods that they cannot attain through legitimate means. Lack of adequate money subjects people into abject poverty.Therefore, individuals become hopeless and can only engage in criminal activities to acquire some basic needs(Iyer & Topalova , 2014). The results of the committed crime has big impacts on the affected. For instance, Daniel Starkey’s acts of piracy had negative impacts on the owners and producers of the content materials he used to pirate.

The neighborhood and the people one relates with plays a big role on how one behaves. If an individual is brought up in a neighborhood where poverty is prevalent, such an individual is likely to engage in crime(Starkey, 2015). This is because poverty goes hand in hand with violent crimes. Additionally, if one relates with individuals who commits crime, he or she is likely to indulge in crime. For example, Daniel Starkey was brought up in a neighborhood with poverty prevalence. Quality education was unavailable until he got accepted into a charter school where he could not afford even a school uniform. He therefore had to engage in piracy to acquire some of his basic needs.

In conclusion, poverty and crime are closely related. Lack of basic needs triggers individuals into engaging in crime to acquire basic necessities. It is therefore the role of the government to address the issue of poverty in order to curb the rate of crimes eternally.




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Poverty and Crime Relationship Sample Essay