Practical Nursing LPN professional nursing RN

Question Description

please write up to a paragraph for questions requiring writingUp to points may be added to Exam 1 if all questions are answered correctly

Identify the educational level required for obtaining the following nursing roles: (3 points) If there is more than one answer, please list all to obtain degree.

Practical Nursing (LPN)

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Professional Nursing (RN)

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN/ ARNP)

Define incivility: (1 point)

Identify a professional association for nursing. (1 point)

II. Up to 5 points may be added to Exam 2 if all questions are answered correctly

Identify the 5 steps of the nursing process. (1 point)

Define a Living Will: (1 point)

Match the theory with the theorist: (3 points)

King Caring

Watson Self-Care

Orem Goal Attainment

III. Up to 5 points may be added to Exam 3 if all questions are answered correctly

Match the following example with the level of care: (3 points)

Primary care Nutrition counseling in cardiac rehab

Secondary care Vaccinations

Tertiary care Smoking cessation program

Define beneficence: (1 point)

Define and identify an example of a Sentinel Event: (1 point)

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