Prepare a C++ program for registration of nursing students.

c++ program for . Your program needs to allow an advisor to register students for classes and then provide the student with a class schedule and cost breakdown. The advisor should be able to continue to register students until they are done.

Your application should prompt the advisor to enter the student’s full name, major, age, state of residency and if they are a new or returning student. After gathering this information from the student the advisor can then register the student for classes up to a maximum of 15 credit hours. The student may register for less credit hours if they prefer but cannot exceed the 15 credit hour maximum.

The cost is $214.00 per credit hour for out-of-state students and $186.00 per credit hour for in-state students. If this is a new student, there is also a $50.00 application fee added to their registration cost. If this student is 65 years old or older, they only play $25.00 per class that they enroll in and there is no application fee if they are a new student. If the course enrolled in requires a lab, add a $75.00 fee for that course.

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The majors a student may choose from are:

                                General Studies (GS)

                                Computer Science (CS)

                                Engineering (EN)

                                Nursing (NU)

The courses a student may enroll in are:

Course IDCourseCredit HoursLab Required
004Computer Applications3No

Your program does not need to display the above major and course information on the screen because the advisor will have a sheet with this information on it in front of them.

Your program should perform data validation such as making sure a valid Major or Course is entered and any other validation that should be performed. Remember to make the program user-friendly but also “idiot” proof.

The output should provide the student with their name, major and student status(new or returning). The output should also list the courses that the student has registered for including the course ID, name and credit hours. Following their schedule should be a breakdown of their costs such application fee, credit hour costs and lab fees.

Program Requirements:

Proper code structure

Easy to read layout

Programmer-friendly comments

Correct variable definitions

User-friendly input and output statements

At least two array variables

Any numbers with decimal places should be formatted to 2 decimal places

Correct use of while or for loops, if or switch conditions and calculations

Use at least two functions

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