Prepare a short, integrative essay (500 words or 2 typed, double-spaced pages) on how a caregiver’s empowerment and autonomy be increased?

Choose five of the six topics presented below. Prepare a short, integrative essay (500 words or 2 typed, double-spaced pages) for each of the five questions you have selected to answer. 
Each essay must include direct references to the material presented in the assigned readings for this course, and may also include references from the course Supplementary Materials Lists and/or other readings you have done to support your analyses. Please label each of your five essays with its appropriate question number (i.e., Question 1, Question 2, etc.) so that your tutor is clear about which of the six questions each of your essays is referencing. 
When you have completed this final assessment exercise, keep a copy of it for your records before submitting it to your tutor for marking. If you are mailing your responses, attach a “Tutor-marked Exercise” form (available on myAU) to it. As with all assignments in this course, the preferred method for you to submit this final exercise is through the Assignment Dropbox (Final Assessment Exercise) on the course home page. _______________________________ 
Questions: 1. Identify and discuss the implications a relational interpretation of autonomy may have for health care reform. 
2. How can a caregiver’s empowerment and autonomy be increased? 
3. “Nowhere is it more crucial to recognize that ‘the personal is political, and the political is personal’ than in discussions of sexual health, reproductive health, fertility control, and population control”. Discuss this statement. 
4. Describe and discuss the association between gender and various aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of women with cancer. 
5. How does “ageism” affect women’s health status? 
6. Discuss notions of “holistic health care” and the consequences it may have for women’s autonomy and women’s health care.

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