Preparing for a negotiation

Write up your experience, focusing on how you prepared for the negotiation, what happened, how you felt, what the outcome was, andwhyit turned out the way it did.

In past years, students have negotiated for snow tires, parking spaces, taxi rides, clothing returns, and cable service, to name a few. Be creative, and pick something you care about.

Papers should be precise, organized, logical, and appropriately supported with evidence. High grades are reserved for well­written papers that demonstrate a clear, in­depth, and sophisticated understanding of key concepts. Outstanding papers will have analytical depth, and reflective richness, will address issues of both strategy and style, and will support its observations and arguments with conceptual material from readings and class discussions.

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Papers should not exceed 3 pages, single sided.

? Write in prose (no bullet points) because it is difficult to communicate a thorough analysis with bullet points.?

? Use 12­point font with 1­inch margins.?

? To facilitate anonymous grading, put your name, ID#, and section # on a separable title page, and?just your ID# in the header of the paper.? Papers should not exceed 3 pages, single sided, with appropriate margins and line spacing set at 1.5.

? Don’t use graphics, tables, or anything else that simply “takes up room.” It is obvious to the?reader (me), for example, why a table takes up one entire page of a three page document.?

? As you use concepts from readings, and debriefings, make sure to overtly define them, and?reference them whenever possible. This is a good general practice for demonstrating advanced?comprehension of any given material.?

? You display many of your personal and intellectual capabilities via the written word­­this is?especially true when the reader knows nothing of you. Take pride in your ability to communicate via written text, and work to enhance this skill throughout this course and those to come.?

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