Principles and philosophical framework of primary health care

1. Health and illness issues facing people who have come from countries other than Australia

2. Health insurance-related organization and their roles in the Australian health care system

3. Identify and access appropriate agencies to facilitate positive health outcome

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4. Socio-cultural and social influences and factors that impact health and illness

5. Health issues and impacts of health care delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

6. Recognize risk factors and social circumstances applying to the health of people and refer the person to appropriate health professionals

7. Identify existing health services that support current health issues facing people in Australia

8. Themes that impact health and illness for people from Australia and other countries, including environment, cultural barriers and community acceptance.

9. Social, Political and economic impacts on health care delivery including funding sources and constraints on services and resources allocation.

10. Access and interpret information to increase own awareness of appropriate sources of funding for health care services

11. Overall structure, strengths and weakness of the Australian health care system, with emphasis on the local area.

12. Current issues which impact health policy development How health and illness factors impact a person

13. Principles and philosophical framework of primary health care

14. Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of available community health promotional strategies

15. Promote understanding of the person’s emotional and social wellbeing

16. Non-western approaches to health care and their place in contemporary nursing practice

17. Apply principles of primary health care and the wellness principles to own role

18. Follow organization procedures that comply with audit and accreditation processes.

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