Provide an evaluation of how different perspectives on childhood create different expectations of children, focusing on the role of policy and the way it intervenes in children’s lives

Hi! I would like you to write an essay with 1500 words excluding the introduction which I already wrote (it was read by my lecturer so it can’t be changed). The assessment brief is uploaded plus two more references, and my introduction.


References to use: 1. A history of the Sociology of Childhood by Berry Mayall
2. Childhood and society by Michael Wyness
3. Childhood in a global perpective by Karen Wells
4. Children;s rights in practise by Phil Jones
5. Global childhoods by Monica Edwards
6. A history of Childhood by Colin Heywood
7. Centuries of childhood by Philippe Aries – important reference
8. Concepts of Childhood: What We know and where we might go by Margaret L. Kind (Use this journal if there is an useful information in it)

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PLEASE ADD MORE REFERENCES, these 10 are the ones that I found useful but you need to do more research please and you may not include some of these if you think they are not good.
If you do not have access to any of the references please let me know. All references in APA 7th. Please add in-text citations.

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